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The Burgundy wine company Patriarche was founded in 1780, by the visionary Jean-Baptiste Patriarche. Today Patriarche is a large company and have several businesses: they are wine producers, winemakers, merchants, vineyard owners, and they own and market several successful brands.
Stockholm WineLab represent the Patriarche brand in Sweden, but also the Patriarche owned brands Pol Rémy and Léonce Bocquet.

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The pride of the Maipo Valley, Tarapacá is an estate surrounded by a mountain ridge. The wines made at Tarapacá boast of quality and are considered among the top of all Chilean wines. Tarapacá is the flagship estate of VSPT Wine Group and Stockholm WineLab is very proud to offer the wines on the Swedish market.

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Champagne Cuperly is a small scale producer dedicated to Grand Cru and organic production of Champagne. The company was founded and is still owned by the family Cuperly. Since vintage 2007 all wines from Cuperly are labeled Grand Cru with exception from one: the Carte Verte, a non vintage Champagne made from organically grown grapes.

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Crystal Head Vodka is founded by Canadian actor Dan Aykroyd and the artist John Alexander. The super premium vodka is made in Newfoundland, Canada and bottled in a unique  skull shaped bottle.

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Viña Mar was founded to develop an exceptional line of wines for the worlds most demanding markets. The Chilean wine company is based in Valle de Casablanca, a fantastic location for making wines, just by the Pacific ocean. Viña Mar is a very modern wine company, in one of the youngest and fastest growing wine regions of Chile. The Viña Mar vines are planted on the upper sector of the Casablanca Valley, with a northeastern orientation and a slightly ascending inclineation that allows a continous exposure to the sun and a moderate reception of the sea breeses.

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Close to the meditteranean coast in Langue d’Oc lies the Domaine de La Baume. The estate was established two centuries ago by the Prat family (that also launched the Vermouth Noilly Prat). Today it is owned by Crand Chais de France, one of the largest wine companies in the world, that has modernized the estate and made it into a state of the art facility. This doesn’t mean that the soul is gone, the Domaine de La Baume wines are complex and true to the region, and ranges from high quality wines to elitist wines, like the Terres de la Baume. The modern thinking and technology ads to the quality of the products, and lets the wine makers focus on product development.

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Casa Rivas was established in 1992 at María Pinto in the Maipo Valley, Chile. The vineyards are planted at the foothill of the West Coastal Mountain Range, oriented to the sea and under a particular combination of climate and soil, resulting in a unique terroir. The different vine rootstocks have been planted in order to grasp the best of each area, achieving the optimum ripeness level and expressing the whole potential of aromas and flavours of each variety.

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Casca Wines

Casca is a new project launched by two winemakers who believe in modernizing Portugese wines. They work only with the best quality grapes from each region, in a unique network of growers in all the major cultivation areas of Portugal.

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Marqués de Vitoria is a traditional Rioja producer with excellent wines throughout the product range.  As a part of the great Faustino Group, Marqués de Vitoria has a great focus on quality. Products include Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva, but also the Ecco, an all ecological tempranillo wine.

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A cutting edge family owned vineyard on the island of Sicily, founded by Salvatore Di Gaetano in the early 1980’s on ancient wine growing soils. Today Firriato is one of the leading players in developing Sicily as an internationally renowned origin for fantastic wines. The 320 hectares of vineyards are spread across three different sites: the Trapani countryside, Mount Etna and the island of Favignana.
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The Argentinian wine producer Finca Eugenio Bustos is a part of the second largest wine company in South America – VSPT Group. Bustos can offer wines from many regions in Argentina, like the Altivo range with  a huge single vineyard in the heart of Uco Valley famous for fantastic Malbec wines.
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Trabucchi d’Illasi is an altogether organical producer of wine. Every wine they make is branded organically grown, and has been so for the past 15 years. The 22 hectares of vineyards are located near the small town of Illasi in eastern Verona. The company is family owned and the crop is closesly monitored by the family and the leading oenologist Franco Bernabei. Together they run the screening, selection of the grapes, and everything is harvested by hand. As many as 50 analythical tests are being carried out from the grape to the wine in order to make the end product the best it can be.

Stockholm WineLab represents one product from Trabucchi d’Illasi today, the Trabucchi d’Illasi Valpolicella BIO