Business to business


You run a ridiculously big company and for your next event (which off course will take place in a giant, spherical arena) you want to invite thousands of guests. Naturally you’ll serve your them wine from prominent vineyards, but more surprisingly: with your name on the label.

Just call us, and we make it happen

You’re in charge of a successful sports club, with dedicated fans all over Sweden, and now you’ve won something big. It’s time to celebrate and you want all the dedicated, loving fans all over the country to do so too. Perhaps in a united toast in Champagne – where the bottles have your name written on them.

Give us the details, and we’ll take care of it

Your chain of restaurants are making millions. People are crazy about your stuff. Business is good, thanks to your brilliant concept. But now it’s time to take it even further. The way to do it? By offering your own wine on the menu, off course.

Get in touch and we’ll probably stay in touch

You are a cool rock band. But your merchandise needs a boost. Looking for new ways to go, besides writing kick ass songs? We have the solution – your name should be on a bottle of Bourbon.

Walk this way, and we’ll show you how to play

We have wine- and spirits producer contacts all over the world, making it possible for us to find the wine or spirits, bottle and distribution method of your choice. We can offer products in small quantities for a single event, or we can help to put your brand in the Systembolaget ordering assortment. We can help you design and market the product or simply arrange guidance to the sometimes difficult Swedish alcohol marketing regulations.

This can be done in a number of ways, depending on your goal with the product.

Is the product aimed at the Swedish market? Either if you want the product in the Systembolaget ordering assortment or in restaurants and bars, you will need a distributor specialized in alcoholic beverages. We can be that distributor. If you want to take your product abroad, we have the right connections and know-how to make it happen. And we do it with a marketing and brand building focus that no one else in the trade can offer.


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