About us

Together, the Stockholm WineLab team has 70 years of experience from the wine- and spirits trade. We have worked with the largest private companies, and within the monopoly itself. We have worked with the largest brands, and built new ones from scratch.


Jens Henricson
Managing Director/Partner

Jens has more than fifteen years in the business, six of these with Systembolaget where he worked as Category Manager for Wine and Beer as well as being the responsible project architect behind their category management and distribution control. He was also a purchaser, giving him the unique insights required to successfully pitch on Systembolaget tenders. In 2002 he joined a major wine & spirits group where he had positions as Export-, Purchasing-  and Managing Director.


Linn Melzen

Product Assistant

Linn is our bright beacon of light in the parallel universe inhabited by the strange creatures who knows how to navigate Excel and other administrative PC programs. However her main objective is to make sure that our partners in crime and collaborators in business have correct and always updated information. Her title is Product Assistant but we see her as the Drill Sergeant. Her sense of order and organization is a bit scary to us but we are fully aware that her abilities and Helicopter vision is invaluable. We consider it pure luck that she wound up at the WineLab when she decided to leave the dark side, Systembolaget. Her interest in wine and food, borderline anorak, probably had something to do with it. If you check out our crew we probably would like we’d been picked up at a car boot sale. But, if it’s something we all have in common it’s our sincere interest in how to maximize life’s necessities, what we consider food, drink and likeminded people to be.
In her spare time she is a dedicated DIY renovating a small countryside cottage. When she takes time off from hammering and sawing you are likely to see her buzzing around in a bright yellow helmet on her matching colored moped. She also is a keen talented singer. She even sings sober and that raises the question whether she really is Swedish or not.
Linn is, after Jens, the first our partners and friends will talk to and as such you will get her full attention and assistance. However, be warned. Don’t be fooled by the serenity of her voice, the Lady is full blown pro who knows what she is doing and why.

This is our Board of Directors

Pelle Körberg Communication & brand Strategist
Krister Azelius Corporate Lawyer & partner, Vinge Law firm


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